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The Academy for Cultural Diplomacy

The AICPA serves as the academic department within the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy with the aims of developing and raising awareness of the theory and practice of cultural diplomacy and related fields (such as human rights, international law, creative industries, and the performing arts) by governments and non-state actors, as well as to explore new strategies for the strengthening of intercultural relations and promoting global peace.

Activities of the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy include:

•    The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Center »
The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies (CCDS) is the world's leading center for the study of Cultural Diplomacy, offering educational opportunities ranging from Weeklong seminars and Distance Learning Programs to interdisciplinary Master's and Doctoral programs for individuals pursuing careers in academia, diplomacy, government, and/or the private sector, dedicated either wholly or in part to the field of Cultural Diplomacy.

•    International Conferences »
International Conferences focus on salient issues in a variety of fields ranging from Cultural Diplomacy and International Relations to Human Rights and Sustainable Development. The International Conferences provide an opportunity for larger audiences to actively participate and engage in lectures, debates, and discussions featuring high-profile figures from the fields of international politics, diplomacy, culture, academia, and the private sector.

•    Thematic Programs »
Thematic Programs are programs focused on specific political, cultural, or economic issues, or which concentrate on a particular geographical region or area. The Thematic Programs focus on the implementation and utility of Cultural Diplomacy as a tool to promote cooperation and understanding in a number of areas. Each Thematic Program includes a variety of activities based on a particular theme, ranging from International Conferences and Global Events to Interactive Panel Discussions, and Exhibitions.

The Academy runs the following Thematic Programs:

•    Cultural Diplomacy Research »
The Academy for Cultural Diplomacy is conducting ongoing research activity in the field of cultural diplomacy in order to benefit the public with access to information about the field of cultural diplomacy from a historical point of view up until the most recent current developments in the field.

Inter Parliamentary Alliance for Human Rights & Global Peace (IPAHP) »

The Inter Parliamentary Alliance for Human Rights and Global Peace has been established to raise awareness of the universality of fundamental human rights, to promote social and economic development in developing countries across the world, and to strengthen intercultural relations between peoples and their communities at all levels in order to achieve global peace and stability. To pursue these aims, the Initiative for Human Rights and Global Peace conducts four main types of activity:
•    Human Rights Initiatives »
•    Peace Building Initiatives »
•    Conferences & Academic Events »
•    Academic Research »

The AICPA House of Arts & Culture »

The AICPA is a 5 building compound located in the Namibia. AICPA House is a multi-purpose location that has been designed to provide an independent forum for interaction and exchange between groups and individuals from Berlin’s diverse communities including politicians, diplomats, cultural practitioners, academics, civil servants, and private sector representatives.

The AICPA House of Arts & Culture serves as the Headquarters of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and the institutions below:
•    The Academy for Cultural Diplomacy -  
•    The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance for Human Rights and Global Peace
•    The Organization for Youth Education and Development